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Silver Fox Original Bandit

Silver Fox Original Bandit

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A fashionable, practical wristband with a discrete zipper pocket.

Protect your small precious valuables from being lost, stolen or damaged. Keep them secure and close to you at all times.

The Ring Bandits' Original bracelet holds onto all your little things that you can't afford to lose; rings or other jewellery, a small house key, daily medications, safety buttons/devices or all kinds of special trinkets. 

They are perfect for all kinds of activities including; working out, hiking, cycling, swimming or gardening. 

They are great for on the job; nurses and doctors, fitness instructors, chefs or bakers, hair dressers, animal trainers, construction workers, etc.

The Silver Fox colour has a hue that effortlessly transitions between bluish, greyish, and even subtle greenish tones, depending on the light. Its chameleon-like nature adds versatility and a touch of freshness, making it the perfect choice for a cool summery look.

* We offer free shipping for all purchases of Ring Bandits within Belgium (see shipping policy for more info) 

Product details:

  • Comfortable stretchy material
  • Water friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Quick drying


  • Small: 6 " / 15 cm
  • Medium: 7 " / 17 cm
  • Large: 8 " / 20 cm
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