Marie-Pier Larose, Founder of Larose Diamonds

Hi! My name is Marie-Pier Larose and I’m the Founder of Larose Diamonds. After following business studies in Montreal, I moved to New York to receive formal education from the Gemological Institute of America on Diamond and Coloured Stone grading.

I then worked at top institutions such as Birks, Christie’s Paris and made my way to Antwerp where I have worked for one of the largest wholesale diamond companies.

A lot of friends were asking me for advice on what and where to buy diamond jewellery, which they could trust getting the actual value they pay for. They inspired me to start Larose Diamonds, where I use my diamond knowledge and help you make your perfect diamond jewellery through my curated network of diamond suppliers and finest goldsmiths, without the high mark-ups of a traditional retail jeweller or brand. Check out my bespoke section to learn more about the process or shop my fine jewellery collection for ready-to-wear pieces!