Product Care


Jewellery is delicate and it is important to know how to maintain and care for it so that it can last for generations to come!

You will extend the lifespan of your jewellery if you follow the tips below:

  • Take off your jewellery before showering, putting lotion or perfume, exercising, washing dishes, etc.
  • Be careful when putting chunky knits on while wearing your jewellery to make sure the prongs don’t get caught in the knit and lift. This could weaken your piece and cause the diamond to fall overtime.
  • Before bedtime, make sure to remove your jewellery so it doesn’t get caught or get tangled at night. We recommend having a soft fabric surface where to lay your jewellery so it doesn’t get scratched.
  • Clean your jewellery using a soft toothbrush, a drop of dish soap in a bowl of water and gently brush. It is important to rinse out all excess residues.
  • Make sure that the prongs are properly maintained by having your jewellery cleaned and inspected every 24 months or so, to prevent loss of stones.


    How to take care of your jewellery