Behind Ring Bandits: An Exclusive Interview with Founder Sydney Frietsch

Welcome to the world of Ring Bandits, where innovation meets fashion in the form of stunning bracelets designed to keep your precious rings & small valuables safe. In this exclusive interview, we dive into the journey and inspiration behind Ring Bandits with its founder and designer, Sydney Frietsch.


Can you introduce yourself and Ring Bandits?

Hi, My name is Sydney and I am the founder and designer of Ring Bandits. Ring Bandits was born from hearing about and experiencing the constant problem of never knowing where to put my wedding ring when I was enjoying the great outdoors or working out, and I knew I wasn’t alone.

The very first Ring Bandit was designed in my basement. It was the first (and probably the last) thing I had ever sewn. When you have a ton of faith and are committed to solving a problem, you’d be surprised at what one can accomplish.


What inspired you to start Ring Bandits?

I have always loved to create, improve and put my heart into my work. When I began constructing this company, I couldn’t stop. It has been so enjoyable, extremely challenging and tremendously rewarding. I am also very passionate about keeping my life interesting alongside being a mom. Ring Bandits has given me a multitude of opportunities.



Can you tell us the story behind the name “Ring Bandits”?

My grandma has been so influential throughout the brand's history. It was her sewing machine that I first used and when I asked her about the name, she wanted to call the very first accessory “the keeper.” As much as I valued her input I couldn’t name the brand “the keeper.”

After considerable discussion between grandma, my mom and myself, we decided on the name Ring Bandits. Ring because there is a magnitude of meaning behind a ring and Bandits for various reasons; you are protecting your ring from Bandits, you band the product on your wrist, and this may be unrelated, but I have a thing for the wild west.


Why does everyone need an Original Ring Bandits bracelet?

This design not only looks fashionable, but the discrete hidden pocket protects the little things you cannot afford to lose. A diamond ring is so special, we cannot imagine what it feels like to lose something so precious. We want to help you protect from being lost, stolen or damaged, while also giving you the opportunity to keep it close, clean and on you at all times.



Could you describe the typical Ring Bandits customer?

Our community is truly the best. It has diversified in ways that I never imagined. Our first customer was the active gym-goer, then it grew into the wedding ring industry and our clientele was newly engaged, then to the health-care and working industry, to moms buying them for their children or college kids for safety, and even to the elderly industry. We have worked alongside InvisaWear a safety device company, which utilizes a press and alert feature whenever help is needed. Every way has truly filled our hearts, the stories we receive on ways the Ring Bandit has given people peace of mind have been incredibly encouraging.


What are Ring Bandits made of? Are they also suitable for sensitive skin?

The type of material we use is taken very seriously. There are several checkmarks we consider when choosing material: is it soft, lightweight, how well does it stretch, how durable is it and can it withhold sweat, water and sun? If those boxes are checked then it works for us. We do consider sensitive skin and use latex free elastic. We also believe that no scrap should be thrown out. We may be fabric hoarders, but it's worth it and it is really cool to see what we can create from what some people would consider scraps. Many of our seasonal designs are recycled fabrics.


What are you most proud of in your Ring Bandits journey so far?

I am so incredibly thankful that I have been able to work and raise my kids simultaneously. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and create an awesome brand from the comfort of my home. Ring Bandits has been a great adventure for me. I credit Ring Bandits for keeping me in tune with life and for mentally and physically keeping me going. It’s been a gift and I am really thankful for it.


Sydney's journey is the proof that when you combine passion, innovation, and dedication, you can create something truly remarkable. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a healthcare professional, a newly engaged couple, or someone who values their jewellery, a Ring Bandit will help you keep your rings safe and give you peace of mind.

We are delighted to have introduced Ring Bandits' Original bracelets to Europe in three timeless colours: Black, Blush and Silver Fox.

Check out the collection here.


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